Descubre el Bosque & Extendiendo Ramas

This Spanish-language strategic communications and grassroots program, supported by the U.S Forest Service, is designed to generate conversations around access and exposure to public lands, health and well-being through nature-based connections, and opportunities to become engaged in natural resource conservation. This initiative seeks to engage Spanish-speaking audiences in the U.S., Latin America, and around the world, through the creation of culturally and linguistically relevant content that is disseminated utilizing social media, digital platforms, traditional media, community events and stakeholder engagement.



Forest Health and Human Health

This program seeks to bring attention and activate communities to the fact that the health of both urban and rural forests impacts population health. The protection and conservation of our forests and green spaces are critical to improving the health of communities, particularly those suffering from health disparities.




Pollinator conservation

This program creates and supports initiatives that generate awareness and inspire action around pollinator conservation and its relationship to healthy ecosystems, food security, and human well-being.





Strategic Communications for the common good

This initiative provides discounted or pro bono strategic communications services to small public interest organizations and movements that need to reach, educate, and mobilize diverse communities in the U.S. and around the world.