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Forest Bathing at the Mount Washington Arboretum

On National Park Rx Day, you are invited to join in a FREE Forest Bathing, or Nature and Forest Therapy walk on Sunday, April 28 from 1-3:30 PM at the Mount Washington Arboretum, in Baltimore, MD. All ages are welcome.

Register below for this free opportunity (normally $30-50pp), which will be sponsored by Nature Sacred and the Mount Washington Preservation Trust, in support of healing people, community and the land. Register now at because space is limited and will be capped at 20 total!

We hope that you will be able to join and this opportunity to reconnect with yourself, others and the land.

Background: What is Forest bathing or Nature and Forest Therapy?

Human connections with the land have evolved over time, however, in today’s world, we have seen a disconnect between humans and the land. As a result of this disconnect, the practice of Shinrin-Yoku, or “Forest Bathing” was established in Japan in the early 80s to combat many of the chronic diseases, stress and health related issues being faced by the Japanese people. This practice was developed to utilize the various senses to discover the healing powers of nature. In Japan, there are many individuals who serve as forest therapists. Here in the US, ANFT has developed a certification program, which trains people worldwide to become nature and forest therapy guides. The concept is that the guides open the doors but it is nature and forests that are actually the therapists.

Research has shown numerous health benefits resulting from the nature and forest therapy practice, such as reduced blood pressure, increased immunity, stress reduction and other health related benefits that are linked to a reduction in chronic disease. In addition, research also reveals increased levels of self-awareness and social engagement and a deeper connection to the land, which increases care and concern for nature and an increased land ethic.


Use Waze app to find Mount Washington Arboretum, located at the intersection of Loclea and Kelly.

Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early so you'll have time to park, make your way to the gateway of the Mount Washington Arboretum and sign a waiver prior to the forest bathing event.

*There are no restrooms on-site. Please use the restroom prior to arrival.


We will forest bathe in all kinds of weather, including rain and cold so make sure to dress appropriately! The key to enjoying a winter walk is to make sure you’re dry and toasty warm.
Forest bathing is not a heat-generating activity. Dress more warmly than you think you need to; you can always take off layers.

Bring a raincoat or poncho in case of rain.

Bring a blanket or mat to sit upon.

Water in a reusable to stay hydrated.


We invite Forest bathers and the general public, to join us in giving back to the land in a post forest bathing activity called the @CityNatureChallenge. This is a friendly competition, in which citizens scientists will be competing worldwide to identify the most species and gather the most observations during a designated weekend. To participate and compete, download the app on your smart phone or your tablet and be prepared to gather important data of the flora and fauna at the Arboretum, that will support scientific efforts worldwide. The city nature challenge is free and open to everyone. Corazón Latino will assist in this activity.